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No. 4 - March 2023

Header photo by Bruno de Medeiros, in Panama, 2022

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Upcoming events

Two days sharing weevil research

20–21 October 2023


Entiminae / Nearctic

Entiminae / New Zealand and the South Pacific

Entiminae / Southern Hemisphere

Anthribidae / Neotropics

Co-evolutionary associations


Travel stories by Weevil Workers

Weevil Workers sharing their tools and tricks to work with weevils.

Past events

Two days sharing weevil research

28–29 October 2022

Two days sharing weevil research

22–23 October 2021

From the editors

We are celebrating our first year running this website!

During this time the website has been visited over 9000 times from many places in the world. Check out the map below. We hope to reach even more people in the years to come.

We have a few new sections in the website: we created a new space for News and Research Activities, where we want to capture what the community has been working on; specimens needed for ongoing research projects; position announcements; retirements; new students, and more. 

One aspect of the newsletter that would greatly benefit the community are additions to the Methods section. In this issue we have a new contribution from Sarah Smith on collecting methods that are effective both for scolytines and cossonines

We also have a new special section that we are calling: Gorgojito (Gor-go-hee-to) to encourage the sharing of Field Expedition stories that can be helpful for the community as we navigate rules, regulations, and logistics of travel and collecting around the world. These can be as long or short as you want and accompanied by as many images as you like. Our first story is about an expedition to Panama in the summer of 2022.

There is also a new section for Weevil Type Resources with information on where to find weevil types for the Smithsonian Institution and the Museum of Natural History in London. We aim to grow this section with the help of the community.

The two Weevil Workers Meetings that we have had so far have been very successful at bringing people together for the love of weevils. We have had participants from all over the world, some even staying up through the night to be able to join us. We will meet again next year, on October 20-21 (Save the date!).

We now share our Scientific Literature folders with over 40 Weevil Workers!

We have enjoyed bringing this resource to our community. We look forward to new contributions by Weevil Workers from around the globe and wish you a new year full of weevils that you can share in our coming editions!

Yours in weevils,

Jennifer & Lourdes

Last updated October 31, 2022

Last updated March 17, 2023

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