An exchange with Sarah Smith

Several months ago, I started corresponding with Sarah Smith about scolytines and, as it turns out, scolytine workers come across cossonines on a routine basis. I asked Sarah to share with me some of her techiniques and tools. Here I share, with her consent, what she provided. Thanks Sarah for the information and for the cossonines!

- Lourdes Chamorro

I've attached several images of collecting cossonines at Vitor Becker's Reserva Serra Bonita. I apologize that the images are a bit blurry. We did not have great lighting where we were working. One of the images is of the branch that I found them in. You can see that it has some leaves still attached to it and that they are dark brown to almost black. Many of the specimens had extensive galleries and had been in there quite awhile but other beetles were just starting their galleries. Note too that they seem to like twig and branch crotches. 

If you will be excising the beetles from wood I suggest the following tools:

In general, if your branch is under 2 inches in diameter you should not need the chisel or the hatchet. Jiri [Hulcr] has a short video in which you can see some of the techniques.

Last updated October 31, 2022