Featured Researchers

We continue the tradition of the Curculio Newsletter to feature weevil researchers from around the world who are entering the field. This is our way of welcoming and introducing these individuals to the greater weevil community. Since the Curculio newsletter has been quiet for more than 15 years, we welcome any and all researchers who wish to be featured in this section. 

Scolytinae / Machine Learning

Anthribidae / Asia

Scolytinae / World

Scolytinae / Mexico

Entiminae: Eudiagogini / Neotropics

Platypodinae, Scolytinae / Australia

Entiminae / USA: Florida

Entiminae / Nearctic

Entiminae / New Zealand and the South Pacific

Entiminae / Southern Hemisphere

Anthribidae / Neotropics

Co-evolutionary associations

Molytinae / Mesoamerica

Heilipus - Hylobiini / Neotropics

Cycad weevils / Australia

Ambrosia Symbiosis

Entiminae / World 

Pachyrhynchini / Philippines

Flower weevils / Brazil, Panama

Otiorhynchus / UK

Ellescini / Canada

Pachyrhynchini / Latvia

Rhynchophorini / Colombia

Molytinae / USA

Entiminae / USA

Molytinae: Anchonini

Curculioninae / Brazil

Entiminae / South Africa

Baridinae, Molytinae / Brazil

Anthribidae / USA

Agricultural pests and edible species / South Africa